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As winter has now fully set in, so has the impact of the seasons harsh conditions on the skin. The biting winds, snow and indoor heating has collectively contributed to challenges such as dryness and irritation, leaving our complexion looking lacklustre and feeling parched. Here at Refine Pharma, we have curated a few tips to protect your skin this winter and prevent any further damage.

Hyaluronic acid infused skincare

The key molecule involved in keeping the skin moisturised is hyaluronic acid (HA) which has a unique capacity in retaining water. Its other qualities include naturally hydrating the skin and increasing tissue regeneration. It also has the ability to heal wounds and relieves redness which is a common occurrence during the winter.

Hyaluronic acid is infamous for its anti ageing abilities, it can plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. All of these beneficial traits ultimately create a firmer, healthier skin barrier that can protect against harsh weather elements.

Hyaluronic acid can be consumed or applied in various forms. With the goal of protecting the skin, it is best applied topically through a cream or serum to target areas that may be struggling with issues common during the winter like dryness. In a cream or serum, the hyaluronic acid is immediately absorbed by the skin. During the colder months, your skin may not only suffer from dryness but conditions such as mild eczema or dermatitis. Hyaluronic acid can be use to soothe this, reducing symptoms such as itchiness and inflammation.


An occlusive is often mistaken with humectants as they are both moisturising agents found in a vast range of products. A humectant retains moisture in the skin, whereas an occlusive forms a barrier to hold the moisture in. Some examples of occlusive ingredients are petroleum jelly and dimethicone which are ideal ingredients to use during the winter. They form a physical seal over the skin that traps in moisture and provide relief to dry or flaky skin.

‘Slugging’ is a well-known moisturising method that uses occlusives to give the skin a healthy glow and build a strong skin barrier. The process involves slathering a layer of an occlusive such as petroleum jelly on the face overnight like a face mask. This method locks in skincare products overnight and provides plump looking skin the next morning. It prevents water loss and is great for those with dry or irritated skin this winter. You can repeat it nightly if you have very dry skin, but this method also works great a few times a month.


Even if it isn’t sunny outside, ultraviolet rays are still present and it’s vital to the health of your skin that you apply SPF. Your skin is already incredibly sensitive during the winter due to the harsh elements and applying SPF can minimise any further damage to the skin.

You should be using at least factor 30 or above to provide satisfactory protection. Apply your SPF at least 30 minutes before you go outdoors and if you are planning to spend long periods of time outdoors, you should be reapplying your SPF every 2 hours for maximum protection.

Most skincare products such as moisturisers contain SPF, but this is usually only factor 15 and isn’t high enough of a concentration to protect the skin barrier against the sun. Using a separate SPF is the most effective, and so is broad spectrum SPF. This kind of SPF blocks out both kinds of ultraviolet rays (UVA &UVB).

Hydrating masks

Hydrating masks are a way to immediately replenish and rejuvenate the skin. In winter, many of us deal with common skin ailments such as dry and tight feeling skin. A mask can boost hydration, leaving the skin feeling smooth and nourished. There are a variety of masks available to target your various concerns, whether that’s acne, dullness or simply needing to intensely hydrate the skin.

Here at Refine Pharma, Jalupro Face Masks are some of the best ways to deeply moisturise the skin. It contains the key ingredients: hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. These are both substances that provide nourishment to the skin, work to minimise signs of ageing to result in a fresh and youthful looking appearance.

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Skin boosters

Skin boosters are an injectable treatment that is minimally invasive and improves the overall complexion and appearance of the skin. It can treat issues like dryness, increasing firmness and elasticity and reduce the appearance of signs of ageing. However, one of the most beneficial qualities of a skin booster is the stimulation of collagen.

An increase in collagen promotes skin barrier repair which ultimately improves the skin barrier’s functions. It provides strength to the skin barrier, an advantageous quality that is needed during the winter months to reduce issues like redness and inflamed skin.

One of our best selling skin boosters here at Refine Pharma is Profhilo H+L. Profhilo contains hyaluronic acid that is formulated to provide many benefits for the skin, these are; firming the skin and reducing sagging skin, rejuvenates the skin barrier and increases the production of collagen and elastin.

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