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As you age, one of the most notable signs of ageing can appear on the forehead. These wavy lines are often referred to as frown lines; however, in the medical world these are referred to as glabellar lines. Whilst these lines are part of the natural ageing process, many people seek out ways to reduce the appearance of glabellar lines. Whether it’s changes to your skincare or aesthetic treatments, we will be exploring various effective methods in achieving smoother, youthful looking skin.

What are glabellar lines?

The ‘glabella’ is the skin on your forehead that is between the eyebrows. When you make facial expressions such laughing or frowning, this causes the muscles in this area to contract which also leads to the skin wrinkling and forming wavy lines. Although this is only temporary and occurs when you are making any form of facial expression, overtime you may notice these lines or wrinkles becoming more permanent. These are glabellar lines.

What causes glabellar lines to form?

Some factors that contribute to the formation of glabellar lines are; your face shape, genetics, frequent stress, lifestyle factors like if you smoke or visit tanning beds often and repeated expressions like furrowing the brow regularly.

Glabellar lines on woman's forehead

How can I minimise the appearance?

There is a range of aesthetic treatments, skincare changes and at home care that can be performed to reduce the appearance of glabellar lines on the forehead. These are:

Rich, nourishing moisturisers

By keeping the skin hydrated, you are reducing the chances of wrinkles and fine lines from developing. This hydrates the skin, which is vital when you  age as natural hyaluronic acid levels decrease. Find a moisturiser that contains various nourishing elements such as vitamin C or peptides to get the most out of your skincare and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and glowing. If you are tackling dry skin conditions, you can additionally use a rich night cream that has a thicker consistency to keep the skin moisturised over night. Moisturising on a regular basis also keeps the skin barrier strong and healthy whilst aiding the ability to retain shape.

Derma rollers

A derma roller is a small rotating device that used to roll onto the skin to create microscopic holes. This triggers the skin’s natural wound healing process that then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin production too. These two important elements are needed when trying to achieve healthy, smooth skin. Derma rolling also stimulates cell turnover, which improves the appearance of wrinkles, lines,

This can be done at home, is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime.


Botox is a common medical or aesthetic treatment used to reduce the signs of ageing. It’s targeted towards issues such as wrinkles and lines. When botox or botulinum toxin is injected into your area of choice, it temporarily paralyses the muscles. This results in the appearance of wrinkles being reduced and prevents new ones from forming.

Dermal fillers

A vast range of dermal fillers can aid in the treatment of glabellar lines. This includes dermal filler brands such as Juvederm that has a range of hyaluronic acid based products that not only gently plump out the lines to create a smooth appearance, but can also provide other benefits such as hydration and augmentation in other areas like the lips. It is a quick, minimally invasive treatment option that has little to no downtime. It’s important to note that the glabellar area is high risk when using dermal fillers and this product should only be administered after receiving advanced training.

Woman holding moisturiser in her hands getting ready to apply to the face, moisturising can reduce the appearance of glabellar lines
Hyaluronic acid serum close up
Close up of a woman's forehead and needle as she is receiving treatment for her glabellar lines

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