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Must Have Consumable Supplies for Aesthetic Clinics

By February 24, 2023February 15th, 2024No Comments

Are you setting up your aesthetics clinic or salon, and you are not sure where to start with stocking up with consumables? We have listed some must have consumable supplies for aesthetic clinics that you can buy on Refine Pharma!

What are consumables?

Consumables for aesthetic clinics are disposable equipment, which is required to run a clinic and to ensure all procedures are safe and effective. The correct equipment is essential in a clinic, to make sure that the environment is sterile and safe for any treatments.

If you are setting up your aesthetics clinic, it might be a good idea to stock up on a variety of consumables, to ensure safety, high quality standards and professionalism.

consumable supplies for aesthetic clinics

Best Consumables for Aesthetic Clinics:

Start with the basics:

You’ll want to stock your clinic with a variety of medical consumables that you are likely to use daily. This will include things like gloves, syringes, needles, cannulas. You might want to consider our Emergency Medical Kits. These are a great way of stocking up your clinic.

They include a variety of different items, including needles, hyaluronidase, saline and adrenaline. Buy emergency medical kits here. 

Needles, Syringes and Cannulas:

You will need a variety of needles, syringes and cannulas. Here are some of our most popular options, that you make want to consider:

  • BD Micro-Fine Syringes come in three different sizes (0.3ml, 0.5ml and 1ml). The size you choose will depend on the volume being injected.
  • FMS Micro Syringes have an ultra-thin needle wall and are ideal for injecting botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, local anaesthetics and other solutions.

You can view all of our consumable supplies for aesthetics clinics here.

Other Essential Consumable Supplies for Aesthetic Clinics:


Clinisept+ skin care range is an essential for any aesthetics clinic. These products are ideal for use before, during and after treatment to keep the skin clear and free from any bacteria.

Clinisept+ is a highly effective skin cleanser with antimicrobial properties. It cleans the skin without causing any irritation to the skin. It should be applied to the skin using a sterile gauze or cleansing pad, and there is no need to rinse. Clinisept+ comes in two sizes, the 490ml bottle is ideal for use in clinics, and the 100ml bottle is ideal to give to your clients after their procedure, to help with aftercare.

EMLA Numbing Cream:

EMLA is a numbing cream which contains lidocaine and prilocaine. These are local anaesthetics, which create a numbing effect. It can be applied to clean skin before a procedure to ease the pain of needles during dermal filler and skin booster treatments. It should be applied 60 minutes before a procedure to numb the area.


Sharpsguard yellow bins are an essential for any aesthetics clinic. Sharpsguard bins can be used to dispose of used syringes, or any contaminated medical products.

We stock a range of different Sharpsguard bin sizes, so that you can purchase the size that suits your clinic. View our full Sharpsguard range here.

Gauze Swabs:

Gauze swabs are another absolute essential for any aesthetics clinics, as they can be used for applying products, such as Clinisept+ or antiseptic, as well as dressing wounds.


You can buy clear vinyl gloves at Refine Pharma. We stock gloves in small, medium and large.