Exovair (Single)

Exovair is an exosome formulated using a high concentration of polynucleotides to rejuvenate the skin & reduce signs of ageing.


    What is Exovair?

    Exovair is an exosome that is ideal in reducing signs of ageing. Whether that’s fine lines or wrinkles, the specially engineered formula promotes skin cell turnover and production. This process not only treats signs of ageing, but enhances the thickness of the skin and provides wound healing and skin calming properties. These skin issues may be caused by conditions such as acne. Exosomes are known for stimulating collagen and elastin productions, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

    What is an exosome?

    Exosomes are released from the main cells of the epidermis (top layer of skin) and are then transported to other areas like the dermis (inner layer of the skin) to provide many beneficial qualities deep into the many layers of the skin. The synthetic exosomes in Exovair work by triggering skin barrier repair and aid in rejuvenating the skin when injected.

    What ingredients are used in Exovair?

    Exovair is crafted using plant exosomes with numerous amino acids to reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. It promotes the regeneration of cells to reduce any skin issues like scarring and hyperpigmentation too.

    Using Alaskan salmon, the unique formula also revives the skin to minimise any symptoms such as redness. It stimulates cell turnover so that the skin becomes more turgid and toned to look and feel healthier. The properties derived from the Alaskan salmon provide antioxidant qualities too, whilst reducing signs of ageing like sagging skin.

    What are the side effects?

    With Exovair, there are minimal side effects including redness or slight bruising at the injection site. These should subside within a few days,