Jalupro Face Mask (Pack of 11)

Jalupro Face Mask (Pack of 11) is a biocellulose mask formulated using hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to intensely hydrate the skin.

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    What is Jalupro Face Mask (Pack of 11)?

    Jalupro Face Mask (Pack of 11) is mask formulated using biocellulose with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. It is ideal for use after other Jalupro treatments to soothe the skin but can also be used to provide deep hydration to the skin, giving the face a bright, youthful and soft complexion after just 20 minutes.

    What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid & aloe vera?

    Aloe vera is a natural ingredient derived from a medicinal plant that has soothing & skin healing properties. This is ideal especially post treatment to reduce side effects such as redness and swelling. Hyaluronic acid however plays a vital role in providing intense hydration, natural plumpness and providing firmness to the skin. It is a substance our bodies produce naturally, but as we age, our natural hyaluronic acid levels decline resulting in signs of ageing such as wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid in these face masks has been engineered to boost its many benefits and combat these issues.

    Directions of use

    Begin by cleansing the face with water and/or a cleanser and then pat the face dry. Apply the face mask for around 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and massage any leftover serum into the face and neck.

    Jalupro Face Masks are also available as a single or in a pack of 5.