Levair is an ultimate skin booster used to improve hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation and providing anti-inflammatory properties.

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    What is Levair?

    Meet Levair, the ultimate hybrid skin booster that can be used for hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation, anti inflammatory properties and more. Not only is it used for deep hydration, but for lifting and naturally plumping to create healthy looking skin. It has antimicrobial benefits that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi that can be the cause of various forms of acne. Levair improves the look of dark circles and wrinkles too, with compatibility to be injected in the delicate eye area.

    How is it formulated?

    Levair is formulated using a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid. This is a natural substance created by our body to keep the skin hydrated. However in Levair, this highly beneficial property has been enriched to combat the natural decline of hyaluronic acid due to factors like ageing. This boost of HA can create smooth, soft skin whilst also increasing elasticity and collagen, intervening in the ageing process and resulting in firmer looking skin.

    What are the side effects?

    With Levair, there are minimal side effects and these include slight redness, swelling or soreness at the injection site/s. These side effects should subside within 48 hours and cause little disruption to your day to day life. You should avoid drinking alcohol, taking anti-inflammatory medication and applying makeup for 24 hours after treatment.

    When shouldn’t you use Levair?

    Levair contains tranexamic acid which can cause serious health issues if you are taking anticoagulant medications. Avoid treatment with Levair or speak to your doctor before use.

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