Lumi Eyes – 1ml

Lumi Eyes hydrates and rejuvenates the eye area by filling fine wrinkles and reducing dark under-eye circles.

Contents: 1 syringe x 1ml

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    Lumi Eyes: What is it?

    Lumi Eyes has been specially engineered and crafted to hydrate and rejuvenate the delicate eye area. The earliest signs of facial aging are often visible in the periorbital area (the area around the eyes). They can begin to portray tiredness and stress too. With this innovative product, these issues are reduced by filling fine wrinkles and minimising dark under eye circles. This results in a youthful and radiant complexion.


    The many benefits include:

    • Intensely hydrates
    • Naturally plumps & lifts the skin
    • Brightens the under eye area
    • Reduces signs of ageing – includes fine lines & wrinkles
    • Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin

    What happens when Lumi Eyes is injected?

    Lumi Eyes is formulated using a unique polynucleotide formulation that has been sourced from salmon DNA. When injected into the skin, it provides a range of properties to improve the skin including; revitalisation of the skin, collagen and elastin stimulation and repair of the tissues and skin cells. This ultimately forms healthier looking and feeling skin. You can learn more about what polynucleotides are here.


    1 syringe x 1ml

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