Prep & Post Pack

A pack of products suitable for both before and after aesthetic treatments, including products from brands such as FMS, Spectricept and more. This pack of products is originally worth £70, but is available to you for just £30!

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    What is a prep & post pack?

    This specially curated prep & post pack has been assembled by our excellent team here at Refine Pharma with essential products required for optimal care before and after aesthetic treatments. From customer favourites like Spectricept, to everyday necessities such as BD Microlance needles, we have you covered in providing the best possible care.

    This pack is valued at nearly £70 but is now available to you for just £30!

    What’s included:

    In this prep & post pack, you will receive the following:

    Spectricept (500ml)

    Spectricept is used before and after aesthetic treatments and procedures to disinfect the treatment area. It provides ideal conditions for healing and has antimicrobial properties.

    Spectriskin Facial Mist All-In-1 Clean Tone Repair (50ml)

    Spectriskin Facial Mist is an alcohol free toner that kills bacteria on the skin, reducing acne breakouts. It also stops the skin from drying out in comparison to regular toners and prevents inflammation or redness on the skin.

    FMS 1ml (Pack of 100)

    FMS are fine micro syringes used to administer various aesthetics treatments and are a necessity for a practitioner’s day to day kit.

    Sharpsguard Sharps Bin 1 Litre – Yellow

    A Sharpsguard Sharps bin is used for the disposal of sharps that may be contaminated with either medicinal or aesthetics products.

    Mystery BD Microlance

    A mystery box of BD Microlance will be supplied and is ideal for treatments such as dermal filler. It allows precision and provides a smooth, continuous flow.

    Gauze 4ply, 10cm x 10cm – Pack of 100 Swabs

    Gauze is a necessary tool for prepping for aesthetic treatments and for post procedure too. It can be used to apply products such as Spectricept to disinfect the treatment area.

    Vinyl Gloves – Medium

    Whether you’re administering aesthetics products or cleansing an area post treatment, gloves are essential in both before and after aesthetics treatments.

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