Spectricept helps to keep the skin clean and free from bacteria before and after aesthetic treatments.

Spectricept is proven to be medical grade and is our preferred prep & post product for aesthetic treatments.

Non Prescription Item
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Spectricept provides fast disinfection of areas of the skin where elements like sweat and dirt may be present. It is used before and after aesthetic treatments and can be applied using a sterile gauze or a cleansing pad and then wiped over your chosen area.

It controls the appearance of any redness you may experience after treatments or procedures whilst cooling and calming the skin. By providing ideal conditions for healing, it supports the skin’s natural barrier. It has a neutral pH that not only aids in comfortably cleansing the skin without any stinging or irritation, but also makes it suitable for all skin types.

Spectricept contains no artificial colourants, perfumes and is soap free. It has antimicrobial cleansing properties that removes 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and yeasts.