Stylage M with Lidocaine (2 x 1ml)


STYLAGE® M is the first of its kind, monophasic antioxidant cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel sterile, formulated from an animal free and biocompatible hyaluronan serum that magically lifts even the deepest of wrinkles away from around the mouth. 

The antioxidant (Mannitol) plays an important role to eliminate the distressing effects of free radicals on the skin dermis, whilst stopping any gel degradation from occurring and the risk of post-injection inflammation. 


cross-linked hyaluronic acid IPN-Like + mannitol 

How concentrated is the product: 

20 mg/g 

What do I receive in the box? 

2 x 1 ml pre-filled glass, sterile latex free syringes of STYLAGE M gel 

4 sterile 30G½ single use needles 

How long will the effect last for? 

On average, the effect will be for 12 months. The overall lasting effect of STYLAGE M treatment depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age and skin type. 

How far do I need to inject? 

Inject between the middle and deep layer of the skin dermis 

What method do I use to inject? 

Use the linear retro-tracing technique by inserting the needle at a 30 degree angle to the skin. Also, fan-shape retrograde injection nappage. See full instructions enclosed within box. 

What are the benefits of STYLAGE M? 

STYLAGE M has a wide range of benefits including: 

correcting the worst of nasogenian folds 

treating superficial wrinkles and sagging chins folds to make them smooth and tight 

treating marionette lines around the lip corners 

eliminating nose hump and lifting the tip of the nasal 

shaping earlobe 

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