TSK Pre Regular Hub Needle

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TSK Laboratories are the market leaders in manufacturing needles that are both traditional and aesthetic. Using only the highest quality steel material, they are available in a range of lengths and gauges.

Non Prescription Item
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Enhanced Patient Experience

TSK needles have changed the way in how needles are used to treat patients, by offering more precision, comfort and efficiency to the entire process from start to end.

What sizes are regular hub needles available in?

TSK Regular hub needles are available in 30G, 31G, 32G and 33G, in length sizes of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm and 13mm.

33G needles are the smallest gauge size, being 22% more thinner than the standard 30G needle. Thus patient experience during treatment is virtually pain-free.

Needles are compatible with all syringes

The Pre Regular Hub needle can be used with different syringes from other brands. This includes compatibility with syringes from all major brands, including toxin brands syringes.

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