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Quick and Easy Content Ideas for Aesthetics Clinics

By August 18, 2023No Comments

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next post on Instagram, we have 10 quick and easy content ideas for aesthetics clinics.

1) Client Testimonials

Posting your client’s reviews of your service is a great way to get new customers, as people will view you as trustworthy. It also boosts existing customers’ confidence in booking with you again. Try and request testimonials after every client.

2) Before and After Photos/Reels

Before and after photos are always a great option, as they showcase your talent! They are one of the main things your potential clients what to see, and they help increase your chances of finding new customers.

3) Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes’ footage could be anything from short clips in your clinic, unboxing a new product, prepping your clinic, or filming a client having treatment done. We recommend creating short clips using a range of different angles, trending music, hashtags, voice-overs, and some text explaining what the clip is.

4) Product or Treatment Spotlight

Discussing your favourite products or treatments can help to promote your service. You could make this a theme or regular post

aesthetics clinic

5) Educational and Informative Content

Informative text posts are a great way of breaking up your content. Educational content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy a product or service. Educational content tends to improve your reliability and trustworthiness, making potential clients more likely to book in with you. You can create educational content on a whole range of topics, for example:

  • Myths About Dermal Filler/Botox/etc. – Creating text posts debunking common myths or misconceptions are great for increasing trustworthiness.
  • Will My Treatment Hurt? – This is a common question that most clients ask before treatment.
  • Which Product is Best for Me? – Highlight which products are best for certain customers, for example, one filler may be better suited to the lips, whereas another one may be better for reducing the appearance of ageing.
  • Best Treatments Before Your Holiday – Another post highlighting the treatments you offer, but this time focusing on a particular time of year or an event. Holiday could be replaced with ‘wedding’ or ‘birthday.’
  • Information About a Product – Highlighting a particular product and providing information about it, is another way that you can up your trustworthiness, and potential clients will be able to find out more about a procedure, which may encourage them to book.
  • Treating Common Skin Concerns – Posts addressing common skin concerns, such as acne, ageing and hyperpigmentation, could be made into a series. You could include preventative measures and potential treatments to help with these skin concerns.

6) Answer Common Questions/FAQs

Again, this could be made into a series, and each question could be answered on a new post. Examples of common questions include:

  • Will my treatment hurt?
  • Can I wear makeup?
  • Can I drink alcohol after treatment?
  • How can I reduce swelling?
  • What aftercare steps should I follow?
  • What should I ask during my consultation?
  • How to choose an injector?
consultation form

7) Treatment Demonstrations

Upload demonstrations of your popular treatments, either with a video, short clip, or photo. This one is great for customers considering getting a particular treatment and need that final nudge to book their appointment.

8) Share your Aesthetics Predictions or Trends

You could also make this a series, including looking at what celebrities or influencers have had done, sharing current trends, or what products you think will become popular in the upcoming months.

9) Day In The Life Video

A day in the life video is another way of mixing up your content. You could film short clips throughout your day and then edit them to upload them as one short video, TikTok, or reel.

10) Competitions or discounts

Occasionally you might like to offer discounts on a particular treatment. One way you could do this is creating a post to inform your followers that the first 5 people to book in with you will receive a discount.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to thinking of content ideas for aesthetics, so get creative, get inspiration from others, or even Pinterest.