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Restylane Lyft vs Juvederm Voluma – What is the difference?

Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Voluma are two of the most popular dermal fillers on the market. Both are FDA approved injectable hyaluronic-acid based volumisers used to add volume in the cheeks and enhance the natural contours of the face, but there are some key differences between the two products. 


What are dermal fillers?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what dermal fillers are in general. These are gel-like substances injected under the skin in a series of small doses through a fine needle or micro-cannula. Their main purpose is to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing volume in areas such as the lips, under eyes, cheeks, nose, neck and chin that has been lost due to ageing – resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. 


The key differences between Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Voluma 

Although Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Voluma are alike in some ways, the key differences between them is the fluidity of the gel and how long results last. 

The Vycross formula in Voluma is a combination of high and low molecular weight HA. This makes the gel both cohesive and elastic, meaning it is easier to create lift and facial contours to a desired shape and retain it, especially for cheek augmentation where definition is key. On average, a patient will need 3-4 syringes of product to achieve the same effect as Lyft, which only requires a maximum of 2. But, the unique formula also offers better longevity, as results can last between 18 – 24 months months with optimal treatment. 

In contrast, Restylane Lyft is thinner and less cohesive, meaning it spreads easily once injected and better suited for treating finer areas of the face like the nasolabial folds, smile lines and dark circles. It is also good for improving sunken temples and is one of the only dermal fillers to reduce skin laxity in the hands. The overall effects will last from 6 to 9 months and even up to one year depending on the individual’s skin type factors, such as age and lifestyle. 


Buy Premium Juvederm and Restylane Fillers Online 

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