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Shop for all your medical consumables in 2022

By January 13, 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

Are you a qualified pharmacist, aesthetic practitioner, doctor or dentist requiring a supply of medical consumables? 

Then look no further than Refine Pharma. We’re a one stop shop for all your pharmaceutical needs, selling some of the best brands known in the industry including TSK, SoftFil and BD. 

You can trust us to provide a reliable and convenient service with top quality, CE certified products that offer incredible results at amazing prices – only the best for our customers! 

As one of the UK’s leading providers in medical products, we know that with the right tools and equipment, you’ll be able to perform procedures safely and effectively. That’s why we offer a full range of medical consumables and supplies for all clinical and healthcare environments. 


Emergency medical kits 

We have two kits available: Emergency Kit 1, Emergency Kit 2. These have the essential necessities, from medication to syringes,  needles and gloves. 



Our wide range of medical needles can be used to successfully administer injections in a comfortable way for patients. Products include BD hypodermic needles, Microfine, Microlance and Saxenda – all in a variety of sizes. 



For an enhanced patient experience, buy the award-winning STERiGLIDE Cannulas from Refine Pharma. These enable practitioners to achieve a smooth, precise injection every time for larger surface areas of skin. 



Browse our range of high-quality BD insulin and hypodermic syringes. All have been carefully made to accomodate the right volume of solution that needs to be injected for maximum comfort and reliability. 



For safe disposal of sharps that have been contaminated with medicinal products and their residues, Sharpsguard yellow bins provide professionals and their patients’ with proper waste management solutions. 



Finally, buy Hyaluronidase solution for injection or infusion to increase the absorption and dispersion of other injected drugs, as well as treat dehydration. 

Browse through our diverse collection of medical consumables and restock your inventory this 2022 with the help of Refine Pharma!

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