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What is Clinisept?

By March 31, 2023February 15th, 2024No Comments

What is Clinisept?

Clinisept provides a revolutionary approach to skin cleansing, making it a favourite for cosmetic and aesthetic professionals.

It provides hypochlorous technology to ensure the highest levels of skin cleansing and antimicrobial protection, without stinging or causing irritation to the skin.  It has a neutral pH, so it can be used before, during and after a treatment to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout the procedure. It also helps to speed up skin recovery.

How does it work?

Clinisept+ contains advanced hypochlorous technology. Hypochlorous is naturally found in the body’s immune system, as it is produced by white blood cells. This helps to keep the skin clean and free from bacteria and speeds up skin recovery.

How should Clinisept+ be applied?

It should be applied to clean skin, by using a sterile gauze or cleansing pad. It can be left to dry naturally on the skin, so there is no need to rinse or dry the skin. For use at home, your client can spray a generous amount directly onto the skin, or a cotton pad, and wipe over the whole area.

What are the Benefits of Clinisept?

  • It is non-toxic, so it doesn’t harm or irritate the skin and eyes
  • Clinisept+ is dermatologically tested and proved to be gentle on skin, even sensitive skin
  • It has a skin neutral pH and it’s hypoallergenic
  • Clinisept+ reduces the appearance of redness and swelling
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can cool and calm the skin after treatment
  • It’s free from harsh ingredients, so it has 0% alcohol, sulphates, preservatives, colourants, chlorhexidine, and fragrances

Not only is Clinisept+ ideal for use by medical professionals, it’s also safe and easy to use at home. Therefore, clients can maintain optimum levels of skin hygiene after any procedure to aid recovery. Clinisept can also be used as part of a daily skin care regime. You can add it to your cleansing routine to keep the skin clear and healthy.

Buy Clinisept Online at Refine Group:

You can buy 490ml of Clinisept+, which is the ideal bottle to stock your clinic with, so that you can use it before, during and after any procedures.

We also sell 100ml bottles of Clinisept+! These are the perfect option for your clients, as they can use these after their treatments to continue looking after their skin. It can be sprayed onto a cotton pad and wiped over the face and neck. You might like to purchase these bottles, and then you can give them to your customers as part of an aftercare package.

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