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Why is there no Botox in my Botox?

By May 23, 2022December 2nd, 2022No Comments

You may have noticed that we are having yet another year with supply issues around the botulinum brand Azzalure. Only, this year it seems to be an ongoing issue with no confirmed date.

Many practitioners have been forced to switch from Azzalure, which they may well have been trained with and used ever since. These practitioners are now having to master a new botulinum, which requires different dilutions and comes in different units.

Here at Refine Pharma, we are now receiving frequent calls from practitioners understandably upset that we have sent them a bottle of Botox which appears to be devoid of any contents.

If you use Azzalure you will be familiar with the large disc of white powder at the bottom of the bottle, signifying the presence of the product.


So, what about Botox?

Well, this is what the manufacturer says that Botox looks like:

“Powder for solution for injection.

BOTOX product appears as a thin white deposit that may be difficult to see on the base of the vial.”

As stated above, the manufacturer explains that the powder in the bottle may be difficult to see, and this is usually the case. The powder in the bottle is usually a smear on the bottom of the bottle.

If you are the curious as to where we get this information, drug companies must register prescription products with the MHRA. You can find all the related information in the SPC or summary of Product Characteristics.



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We hope this information helps you when transitioning from one botulinum to another, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.